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Kwality Foods is committed to delivering to its customers an increasing range of safe products of the finest possible quality, made under hygienic conditions.

It is said Some of the most beautiful things in life come in small packages ' For instance , the Portion Pack Delight s of Kwality’s Jams/Marmalades , Pickles/Chutneys , Ketchup/Sauces , Honey in Blister Cups (12-15 gm) and Mini glass Bottles ( 25-28 gm) available in various flavours .

Our product range also includes Portion Pack in Sachets; Salt/Pepper in single-twin pack , Sugar White / Demerara , Aftermint (mouthfreshener), Dairy creamer , Tea Bags , Instant Coffee , Chat masala, Chilly Flakes , Oregano , toothpick and Cotton wool etc.

Our distinct range also includes Assorted Nuts (Almonds,Cashewnuts, Pistachios , macadamia Nut , Hazel nut ) 14-45 gm Pouches and 50-100 gm Cans , Tomato Ketchup in 10 –15 gm , Mustard,Soya , Chilly Sauce in 10 gm, Peanuts 15-25 gm , Salad Dressing 10 gm , Biscuits ,Drinking Chocolate , Straws, Condiment Set (3 in 1 or 4 in 1 sets) ,

Besides this the Company’s other associated divisions are Processing of Roasted Salted Dry Fruits i.e. Cahsew Nuts , Almonds, Pistachios ,Walnuts , Raisins, Hazel Nuts , Macadamia Nuts and Flavoured Cashew Nuts , in vacuum bulk pack and also in nitrogen flushed Pouches.

The Company is also into multi-diversified products like Roasted Coffee beans , Filter Coffee Powder, Canned Fruits /Juices , Pineapple Slices /Titbit , Fruit Cocktail , Red Cherry , Mango Pulp , Basmati Rice , Indian Snacks (Farsaan) , Tea and Coffee Premixes , Refreshing Wet Tissue , Paper Napkins, Disposable Plastic Cutlery Set, Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets.
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